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Our mission is to use the rewards to build decentralised applications (Dapps) that will empower people left behind by the traditional financial system and don’t have access to international payment providers. We see a future with Cardano powering borderless payments for anyone who needs it.

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Why delegate with us

We are a small team with several years of experience in information technology and our mission is to offer the best staking service possible.

One to one communication

As a delegator in our pool, you’ll be in direct contact with us and we’ll help you and guide you in every step of the process.

Contribution to the open source community

We are developing software products for running a reliable stake pool, which can be found on our Github repository under an Open Source license.

Certified specialists

We are professionals with more than 10 years of experience setting up and managing servers. We have successfully developed complex backend systems and applications for several institutions worldwide.

24/7 Monitoring

Our servers are running a state of the art management system that records every server metric and send us alerts in real-time. Plus we have the advantage of living on 2 different continents and that allows us to keep an eye on the servers all the time.

Secure nodes

Our goal is to maintain the highest standard of security, we owe that to Cardano. That’s why our servers use several layers of firewalls, periodical ssh key rotation and cold storage for the administrator keys.

Personalised updates

You will receive updates about your rewards, curated news and information about Cardano, industry reports and updates about the app ecosystem we are creating on top of Cardano.

Meet the team

We aim to spread the word about Cardano and build new tools and platforms to expand the ecosystem worldwide.

Leobel Izquierdo Alvarez

Senior Software Engineer

I'm a Software Engineer with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and over 7 years of experience in the Software Industry. I'm proudly, one of the TANGO Pool creators, owners and operators, enjoying my contribution path to the Cardano ecosystem.

Javier Toledo Cordova

Product Manager | Solutions Architect | 5x AWS Certified

I am a professional solutions architect with over 10 years of experience in technology, specialized in software architecture and cloud computing. I started my career as a network architect designing data center networks. I moved to London two years ago and I’m the product manager for my company mobile app and responsible for the system integrations.


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Frequently asked questions

This is a small list of questions that we asked ourselves when we started learning about the amazing world of Cardano. If you need to know more just ask us through the different channels we provide.

There is NO RISK. You continue to FULLY control your funds in your wallet (you can even move your funds to an exchange, do some trade, pay something, or do wathever you want), you don't have to make any transfer in order to delegate.
You can delegate to our TANGO pool through the official Daedalus or Yoroi wallets on the delegation tab.

If you delegated in the N epoch, your stake must go to the snapshot in the N + 1 epoch, this snapshot will be active in the N + 2 epoch, the results of this epoch will be evaluated in the N + 3 epoch, and the first rewards received in the N + 4 epoch.

Rewards Cycle

Use the pooltool mobile app and your any address (addr) in the Rewards tab.
For each epoch, as a result of the lottery and the active stake, the pool receives a certain number of blocks for production. This number of blocks in different epoch can vary greatly.
Nope, the standard pool fee (340 ADA) is NOT deducted from the delegators if a block is not minted. This fixed cost is deducted from the rewards the pool generets before pay to delegators.
It’s always better to go in pools with a good space for your stake. By doing that you are supporting stake pool operators and their mission (if any). It's better to encourage decentralisation than going into big players who generally are too much centralised.
When a block is minted, it is distributed among the delegators of the pool. This means that if you haven't staked a very high percentage of the amount of ADA staked in the pool, your reward will be very small. If you delegate to a smaller pool and it produces blocks then your rewards will be higher.

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